LHC allows Mian Nawaz Sharif to go abroad for treatment for 4 weeks without Rs. 7bn bond


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Nawaz will not be coming back just like Ishaq Dar, bubloo and dabloo.
Another blunder from the Government and Courts, next will be zardari
to escape.


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Government didn’t put up strong case in LHC. Government didn’t say it the Court that if NS doesn’t come back, we wouldn’t be responsible. Government didn’t even object that Shehbaz Sharif used word ‘facilitation’ instead of guarantee. Government must have taken hard stance. Then, if LHC would have given permission, I would have blamed only Courts and GHQ, and not civilian government.

Curse on Government, Judiciary, and GHQ who forced government to take a tamed stance in Court. Imran Khan, you are a liar who says that he doesn’t take dictation from anyone. In fact, you are one of the weakest PM in the history of Pakistan who can’t stand even a bit in front of GHQ.

Wake up Pak

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‏لاہور ہاٸیکورٹ میں اگر نوازشریف یہ درخواست بھی دے کہ وہ حاملہ ہے تو %100 فیصلہ نواز شریف کہ حق میں آۓ گا ۔


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Establishment has sold it’s zameer to highest bidder for just 1.2 billon dollars. This time it was Turkey who saved Nawaz Sharif. This is a black day for Pakistan.


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جب جج کہتا ھے کہ نواز شریف بیمار ھے تو سارے پٹواری مان جاتے ھیں اور جب وھی جج کہتا ھے کہ نواز شریف چور ھے تو نہیں مانتے آخر کیوں
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