Latest Situation of Maulana's Azadi March after 10 days by Siddique Jan


I don't agree with your this argument, that they are celebrating Millad, they are celebrating Sira Tu Nabi Conference, which all deobadn and ahle haddeeth, celebrate such a conference. It's not millad. 2nd darabarun ya mazaarun par jana koyee shirk aur biddat nahi, shirk tab ha jab aap Allah ki bajaye un se maaangen. and this is the belief of Ahle-Sunna deobadn and others. By the way i am hardcore PTI supporter but I don't want to blame something wrong on the opposition and also I am against the MOulalana Dharna and because he has no reason for the Dharna. He is not doing this for Shariat just for Islamabad. This is true. The problem, he is not part of the govt, so this thing killing him....


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Frustrated & humiliated Diesel Maulana & his liberal-intellectual & leftest followers(?) are looking for a face-saving. But will they get it? rather should they get it .....big question! ?
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