KHAN-Is Pakistan Lucky ?


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The WISE amongst you appreciate & understand how LUCKY we the Real Pakistanis (excluding Patwarris & Zardaris) are to have a bold & visionary leader-especially during these difficult and testing times .

KHAN has many qualities across the spectrum from personality to humbleness, confidence to wisdom- but what strikes me MOST is his AMAZING "CAN-DO" mindset and the success Strike Rate!!

I have followed him since his cricketing days and when he has been transitioning to make his mark as a political force. One thing which was clearly noticed was that he is obviously different to any other false, dishonest and double-gaming political individuals. Khan has shown strong determination, fairness and decision-making ability.

You can compare his attributes and qualities to any of the current world leaders and IK is miles ahead. His current stature as a leading world leader will grow with time.

Already he has earned accolades on the ecology conservation and climate change -which are VERY relevant in the current times. It has to do with the FUTURE OF THE PLANET!!

A bit of luck with Economy will make him a force to reckon with-for a long time.

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(Every action has equal and opposite reaction), PM is running his personal and proffesional life with this theory he knows what to expect from oppostion internally and as well as externally and will do what ever is possible and he is prepared well in advance to take tackle any challengesss. He is turning out to be real leader for what people are yearning for.
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