Kashmiris would rather be ruled by China than India: Farooq Abdullah


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At the moment, Kashmiris would rather be ruled by China than India: Farooq Abdullah

NEW DELHI: Former chief minister of Indian-occupied Kashmir (IoK) Farooq Abdullah, in a passionate interview to an Indian publication, has said that at the moment, citizens of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir would rather be ruled by China than be a part of India.

The most prominent ‘pro-India’ face in Jammu and Kashmir, Abdullah, who heads the National Conference party and had been for the past four decades, also described the plight of Kashmiris as slaves who were being treated like second-class citizens.

In a 44-minute interview to The Wire, he strongly refuted the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s claim that the people of Kashmir have accepted the August 2019 changes to India's territorial status just because there have been no protests.

"If the soldiers on every street and Section 144 are to be lifted, people will come out in their tens of lakhs," he said, adding that the new domicile law was intended to make the region a Hindu majority area, which, he said, has further embittered the Kashmiri people

When asked as to how Kashmiris view the BJP government and, in particular, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, the minister said they were deeply disillusioned.

They had no trust in the BJP government.

"The trust that once bound Kashmir to the rest of the country has completely snapped," he added.

Revealing details of his meeting with Narendra Modi roughly 72 hours before August 5, 2019, when the constitutional changes in Kashmir were announced, he said that he had met the prime minister seeking assurances about the continuation of Articles 370 and 35A. He also asked the premier why there were so many troops in the Valley and whether this was because of any perceived military threat.

Abdullah suggested the prime minister deliberately went out of his way to give him the impression the massive increase in troops was for security purposes.

He noted that Modi did not say a word about Articles 370 and 35A. Consequently, Abdullah from that meeting had the impression that the two Articles were not in danger. When asked, he agreed that the prime minister had misled and deceived him.



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teri --- mein ----,, sari zindagi ye kutta delhi govt k tukroo per palta raha, jab iss ne dekha k kashmiri awaam delhi sarkaar k muzalim ke waja se herkaat ke waja se iss harami se b bagawat ker lein ge to iss ---- ne apna pentraa tabdeel ker dlia, ooh delhi sarkat k dalle tu kon hota hai kashmiro ka fesla karne wala, tu ja k delhi sarkar k boot polish ker jo tu sari zindagi karta aaya hai,,

Sonya Khan

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Alienating the political leadership of occupied Kashmir was the worst possible thing Modi could do ..... Much more then what Bhutto did with Muneera ur Rehman ..... esp when Kashmiri leadership was practically a stooge of Delhi govt ...... This move will only culminate in Azadi of IOK ..... sooner or later ....


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Says the traitor whose father sold out Kashmir to Pandit Nehru who in turn deposed and jailed him for not washing his chaddis.He and his son are ugly symbols of opportunist politics who have nothing to do with Kashmiris or their interests.

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Yeah after 40 years of kissing Indian ass it's a bit too late for all these shenanigans now.
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