Kartarpur Corridor | "If I Won't Go, Who Will": Sunny Deol On Attending Kartarpur Event In Pak


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Sikh from Europe, America and other countries can come to Pakistan and visit Kartarpur. They are welcome any time but I will request them to use PIA. We will appreciate.

Niazi nay ager kuch kia to sikhooo k liay hi kia...
Kisi k liye hi khush ho ja bhai
Good news
as a visitor, all Sikhs are welcome but this Pak land is not the home of people like Sunny Deol
He should move to India and make them happy
Iss gandu ko bulanay ke kiya zurorrat there agay he lootia kum hien kiua


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The fact that he is coming is a victory for Pak but only people with a brain will understand this not you retarded patwaris and jahil jiyalas or fuzla of shitaan k londay.
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