Judgement against Nawaz Sharif should be declared void, should be urgently released - Maryam Aurangzeb


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جج بشیر میمن کے خلاف بھی ویڈیو لے آئے ہیں؟ جس نے ایک کیس میں سزا دی تھی.
اور منی ٹریل بھی .جج ارشد ملک کا تو خود انتخاب کیا تھا بعد میں گند مچانے کو .اس نے سزا بھی پوری نہیں دی تھی


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If you thought it will be so simple then you are naive. Abhi tu tumhara hisaab baqi hai.


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Ohh Bibi this not bloody Jatii umra state ,this is Pakistan which was unfortunately run by crooks in the past and it was badly looted by nawaz and cunning zardari, they will pay back Insha Allah.

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Oye DADDU CHARGER, you ugly bitch, Nawaz SHAITAN has looted my country, teray baap ka raaj hey kay aik chor, money launderer, DALLAY HARAAN waley kay najaiz tukham ko chor dein...
Shahbaz PHANSI lagay ga aur Nawaz n Mariam Jail mein sarein gay InnshaAllah.

Billo Rani

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Any crooked and corrupt judge(s) should excuse themselves from presiding over retrials if they occurr. The problem is there may be no judges left then to preside over them. Also they will ask for all Noora judgements to be thrown out and throw the entire judiciary out too with the bath water. Let's see if judiciary grows a spine and teaches them a lesson they will never forget.


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Haan jaldi nooray ko bahir nikalo kiyun ke isne nawaz sharif ka nasha kerna hai...direct uske cigar ko muun laga ker.


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saza barkrar rahni chahiye aur cases doabara khulney chahaiye aur sahee aur sakht saza milni chahiye dono cases main is kahnzeer NS ko.
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