Jo Kam Nahi Karega Wo GHAR Jayega | New IG Punjab Rao Sardar's Media Talk


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Allah Karey Tu chal jye warna to is system mein ko itna corrupt kr dia gya hai k koi Dabang banda ab Bhangi ban chuka hai


Minister (2k+ posts)
He is the 7th IGP in Punjab over past 3 years. Previous 6 IGPs also said the same things as he is saying. None of them survived. He too wouldn’t. However, Buzdar will survive for the remaining 23 months.


Councller (250+ posts)
Very true, Pakistani Awaam sent Nawaz Corrupt Liar NaShareef to his home in London which he acquired by haram money. inshaAllah Ghaddar Shareef will never step in PM house ever again. Patwaris can whine all they want, Imran Khan and PTI are here for very long term. Patwari Politics and old times are gone. It's a different Pakistan with a different leadership! It's a different world and everyone in the world knows not to take Pakistan lightly especially under IK's brilliant leadership!!
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