It is your duty to ......Pakistan and to Obey All Lawful Commands ....


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Was the man who wrote this to the
Chiefs of Staff and the officers of the defense forces of Pakistan
instigating a mutiny?

Damn it, Not!

It was written by no other but
Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan Air Force
Air Marshal (Retd) Asghar Khan

He further said that to differentiate between a
'lawful' and 'unlawful' command
is the duty of every officer

Generals with mediocre command of the English language
may not comprehend what Air Marshal meant

In plain English, he reminded to
obey only the lawful commands
of the superior officers

It is very true under current circumstances
when few Generals have taken the country for a ride.

And if this means mutiny then
I dare you to dig out Air Marshal's body
and try him in a military court​

The letter states:
“I am writing this letter to Chiefs of Staff and the officers of the defence forces of Pakistan. It is your duty to defend the territorial integrity of Pakistan and to obey all lawful commands of superior officers placed over you. To differentiate between a ‘lawful’ and ‘unlawful’ command is the duty of every officer. Every one of you must ask yourselves whether what the army is doing today is lawful activity and if your conscience tells you that it is not, and you still carry it out, you would appear to lack moral fibre and would be guilty of a grave crime against your country and people.”

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Rashid Minhas (Shaheed) ko bhi ghaddar keh do.. oos ne bhi apnay officer ki command nahi mani thi... bajway ko kaho oos ka nishan e haidar wapis lene ka ailan kere

or Rashid Minhas ke command officer ko Victoria Cross dilwaya jaay

mother fucker generals, snakes fed by the tax of poor people are fucking their own motherland...

kash koi aik rashid minhas phir se paida ho or wo ghaddaro ka helecoptor ura raha ho.. sirf aik insan bhi iss mulk ki taqdeer badal sakta hai.. sirf aik or rashid minhas, koi ghairat mand jawan
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