Ishaq Dar House Auction case | Islamabad High Court suspends Accountability court order


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There are many judges and lawyers who have done the same thing as Ishaq Dar, e.g. Justice Faez Isa.
Irony that such kind of Peoples are sitting in Justice/Courts and they will decide either you are guilty or innocent. We need emendsment ...
" Corrupt Regime bhi chale gi aur Jaedaden bhi banen gi, lekin Faisle esse hi hon ge" Qabool he :::????
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Why do all these suspension orders get issued on the very last day? looks like a scene straight out of lollywood.


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Lakh di Lanat aise courts aur insaaf per court's and justice are saving corrupted mafia like providing shelter to homeless, first thing must be done to flush these courts and justice system down the gutters right where they belong or corruption can never be finished in Pakistan
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