Is our diet according to Islam? Baba Irfan ul Haq .

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This is the problem with these so called scholars and moulvis, if they tell you one proper thing then they will add 3 things from their own. For example the Prophet s.a.w never ate anything fried. That was simply because fried food is was not part of Arabian cuisine back then and even today there is almost no traditional Arabic fried food of that region.

If we are to go by that logic. The Prophet s.a.w also never ate rice or roti, so we should also not eat that. What is prohibited is clearly mentioned in the Quran and outside of that there is no dietary restriction.

Eat everything and anything halal that you like but in moderation. That is the only proper thing which is also mentioned in this clip.


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He is absolutely right. According to modern research eating a meal, three times is dangerous for the human body. The meal should only be consumed twice.

I was once in Parramatta Sydney Australia, outside a health institute. There was a poster on the door, which said, Eating with full stomach means, dividing the portion of your stomach into three parts, one part filled with water, second with food, and the third part empty" Said the Prophet of Islam Muhammad. (PBUH).
And I thought , Yay Goray hamaray Nabi (PBUM) ko follow ker rahay hain or ham nahi.

Lastly, It is becoming a common practice in the west to do intermittent fasting.

It has many benefits. Prophet Muhammad PBUH used to fast every Monday all through his life.
I went for my car service the other day, in Sydney, the manager is an Egyptian Muslim. He offered me a cold drink, when I asked him to join, he told me he was fasting because it was Monday. Then I asked him if he fasts every Monday, he responded in affirmation. then he told me that since he was 18 years old he has never skipped a fast on Monday. This guy was in his later 30s. I was very impressed.

The above video was very informative. Thank you for sharing it.
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