Investment in Pakistan has gradually decreased by 3.3% during the past 40 years

Two Stooges

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نواز-زرداری کے نیچے کام کر نے والی مافیاز نے
پاکستانی معیشت سے پیسہ نکال کر، پی ٹی آئی حکومت کو
ناکام کرنے کے منصوبے پر کام کر رہے ہیں



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Pakistan pre phutto mardood harami was the best. South Korea used Pakistani model and a country no bigger than lahore karachi combined has outdone Pakistan and that is a nation 100% destroyed by the war. Other nations who used pakistani model include Malaysia. They got independence exactly 10 years after Pakistan and they are 100 years ahead of Pakistan.

strange thing is it was under a dictator these nations took inspiration from!

Dr Adam

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Since the current system is slowly getting cleansed internally by breaking the shackles of mafia's corruption, it seems the investors have held back their money waiting for the dust to settle down.


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Commodity prices are linked to supply and demand in the market Whereas rupee devaluation is the result of out inability to develop our economy, if we earn less and spend more, that is what will happen.Pakistan has become consumer market.We have ailing economy and there are a lot of issues but in comments section cannot go into details
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