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Inside footage | Luxury Cars recovered from NAB raid at Former DG Parks Karachi Liaquat Ali house

Bilal Raza

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KARACHI (Dunya News) – The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Rawalpindi conducted raid at the residence of former parks director general Liaquat Ali in Karachi in fake accounts case and recovered details of illegal assets, Dunya News reported on Thursday.

According to the anti-corruption watchdog sources, files of twenty plots worth billions of rupees, eight luxury vehicles, latest weapons, gold jewelry and foreign currency including dollars, riyals and dirhams have been seized from the suspect’s home.

It has further been learnt that the details of goods confiscated from Liaquat Ali’s house consist of eight pages, and the accused had identified the belongings himself. Let it be known that Liaquat Ali is prime suspect in illegal allotments of Bagh Ibne Qasim.

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The reason for this cancerous corrupt system no judicial response.

Introduction of public hanging will help clean this FILTH.. Hang Zardaree Nawaz Maryam Ishrat ul bastard who is in a foreign country enjoying h8s MQM worthless life.

How long Pakistanio? Start killing these rats. You know where Bilawal whore house is?


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PM Khan is right...Where did the 24000 Billion is the proof...looting Sindh and Karachi...These people should be sunk in the sewage water of Karachi.


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sind aur punjab ke logon ko lootna koi buri bath nahin hai because they themselves give vote to same corrupt people again and again.
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