Indian media starts spitting venom against Pakistan after Bilawal's statement

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نواز شریف ضدی بچوں کی طرح " دوائی نہیں کھاؤں گا " کہتا ہے
بلاول باغی بچوں کی طرح "گندی بات " کر کے اپنا غصہ نکالتا ہے


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Bhutto's are criminal traitors of Pakistan

Bhutto destroyed
  1. Pakistan Education System
  2. Pakistan's Banking System
  3. Pakistan's Economy
  4. Pakistani's Industry
  5. Pakistan's Bureaucracy

These people changed the entire system of Pakistan to abuse Pakistan. V shud know who they work for Iran and India.


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Veteran Indian journalist Jawed Naqvi once highlighted the way Indian media was on war mongering rampage even though those those were Pakistani channels and newspapers who said that Ajmal Kasab is/was from Pakistan.
Billu Rani aur uske chamchoun plus Patwariyoun aur unke paltu journalists ko, kya ehsaas nahi hay key kaise unke statements ko Indian media nafrat phelane keliye use karta hay aur demand karta hay key ek ek Pakistani ko mardalo jaan say?
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