India faces setback at ICJ: ICJ rejects India's plea for Kulbhushan Jadhav's release

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And the actual news here

The court found by 15 votes to 1 that Pakistan had breached Jadhav’s rights under the Vienna convention on consular relations by not allowing Indian diplomats to visit him in jail, according to the document.

The ICJ has no means to enforce its rulings which are final and without appeal. It is unclear from the ruling what exactly would constitute an effective review of Jadhav’s sentence.

Mostly in favour of Pakistan as only a review of the sentence is asked, not to over turn, nor was trial declared illegal or unfair nor was he declared innocent and ordered free as India wanted, but instead India gets consular access to Patel Bhai.

In laymans terms. Patel Bhai is an Indian spy and had a fair trial only the ICJ is asking for leniency in the death sentence
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India International Court may bohat ummeed say gaya tha. Lakin aaj India International Court may Zaleel hoh gaya.
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