India again fails to get Pakistan blacklisted by FATF


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FATF is used to blackmail
countries.It has nothing to do with money laundering or terror financing.India is a big financier of terror.UK and other western countries are havens for money laundering but nothing is done.Western intelligence agencies and RAW are financing terrorists everywhere with impunity.


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
or from the other end .... Pak will remain in the grey list !!! its not good unless when move away from grey list
Perhaps Pak will remain on the list until the Afghan issue is settled or maybe a bit later if US would need to blackmail further.
However, it was India who had bet her skin to blacklist and isolate - She had failed in her efforts and Pak has already come out of isolation - and further have defeated internal agent who were helping India for this purpose - Pseudo-liberal mafia is on the run and . .Indians assets in the Pakistan in the media and NGO's are out of air.
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