Imran Niazi launching Langar Scheme , Khrian Khrian by Rashid Murad


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What is wrong with feeding the poor and destitute?.In UK we have food banks and community kitchens for poor and homeless .Even some mosques have started free meals for the poor.UK is the fifth richest country in the world.These brainless patwaris should question their corrupt leaders who ruled Pakistan for 30 years and did nothing for the poor.They became billionaires and the people got poorer and poorer.Feeding the hungry is a noble deed.


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Qoumi hazaney ko langar samajh kar khaaney waloon ke Najaiz bachoon ko ghareeboon ke liyae Langar haaney par aitraaz hai ?

Zaidi Qasim

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بونگی خان نے سارا ملک ہی فقیر بنا دینا ہے ۔ اب لنگر خانوں کی ضرورت تو پیش آئے گی ۔
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