Imran Khan's Speech @ PTI's 23rd March Minar-e-Pakistan Jalsaa - **Official Update Thread*




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Re: ***** PTI Beginning of New Pakistan 23 March Jalsa.....Updates minutes by minutes....******

Shafqat Mahmood just Tweeted that Punjab Government has shut down Metro Bus tomorrow



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Latest Pics from Minar-e-Pakistan

Admin this is a REQUEST from me on behalf of all the Forum Members, Please do not merge/delete this as well as other Threads regarding 23 March Jalsa. History is being made and i hope you will be a part of it, by not merging threads.

It is almost midnight and a few moments ago I went to Minar-e-Pakistan which is almost 15 kilometers from my home only for PTI family sitting abroad so that they can see what is the current status. Hope you will consider the Passion and hardship that almost all of us have to bear while posting a thread. Thank You.

The Pics Below were taken in the Afternoon, More Night pics are Posted Below in the End.

These two Pics below are specially shoot for Pervaiz Rasheed so that he does not have to go physically to the ground to count chairs instead the can do that sitting home. Chota computer On karo aur Subha tak chairs count kartay raho. Good Luck Uncle Pejha.

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Re: Latest Pics from Minar-e-Pakistan

The time i shoot these pics, Lights were being installed on the Right side of the stage, therefore you can see complete darkness on the left hand of the pic, you can see a clear view from pics shoot in the afternoon.

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