Imran Khan was furious during Federal Cabinet meeting over Wheat mess


Klasra sahib aap itnay nannhay kakay na banain keh aap ko Molana ki baat samajh nahin aayee. Molana ne mulk aur state ke khilaf koi baat nahin ki. Aur aik baat, yeh state 22 crore Pakistaniyon ki hai, chand darjan generals ki nahin


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klasara watch to much American TV show that is way he use words from tv show and try to being smart ass

Fawad Javed

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Last I checked Pakistan was an Agricultural country and yet we are importing Wheat matalab seriously?

Wheat, Sugar, Medicine everything is a mess and nothing will change until you start hanging those responsible for this. That's how China controlled this maafia



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IK is surrounded by some total arse holes. The want the kursi in the cabinet but dont do fuck all. We need a Presidential system so that these shits dont hold the govt hostage when they are sacked.
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