Imran Khan struggled twenty two years only for power- Haroon ur Rasheed


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This baba is very annoying.It is obvious that all leaders want to get into power.One has to get into power to bring about change.It is not possible to do so from outside.Nelso Mandel spent over 25 years in jail.He also want to come into power so he could end apartheid.


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Baba ji you need to shut your beak,whole Pakistan knows IK is very honest and simple he always think about common man but the problem is he don't have a resource in his bank to fulfill his promises cos blo...zardari and nawaz looted very badly with the help of their crooks(political and administrative),since he becomes a PM where ever he went he only asking money for Pakistan not for himself,is that gesture is not enough to show his honesty, patriotism and will.
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And the sun rises from the East. Shabash Baba G kya inkishaaf kiya hai. Political party kis liye banai jaati hai? Pakoray bheech ne ki liye ?


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اب اس کا نام
بابا دلا
رکھہ دیا ہے آپ سب لوگ تعاون کریں.



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I don’t know why the government is considering giving money to the media (in the form of advertisement) that would be used to fund these donkeys. Instead, fine them heavily for disinformation and let them die.


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Something is wrong with this person, IK has never cared about him in the last few years and thats what haunts him. He needs to explain facts, not comment on these things.


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یس فوج حکومت کا اس بابے کو پتہ ہے۔۔کیونکہ یہ کیانی کی بیوہ ہے۔۔
او بڑُھاو۔۔۔ تم ہی تو دو دھائیوں سے اسے مسیحا بنا رہے تھے۔۔

اس کا مطلب تو یہ ہوا کہ۔۔ تمہارا دو دھائیوں کا تجزیہ بکواس تھا۔۔
پھر پیچھے رہ کیا گیا۔۔
چل گھر نکل۔۔ریٹائر ہو۔۔


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I am a big admirer of Imran Khan, but does that mean he is a perfect human being, no he is a human, please learn to respect others criticism, he does not say he is corrupt or dishonest. Calm down guys sometimes criticism help doing even better.


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22 years teray bachey keya drama buniya hey es stupid insaan ne...zaher hey struggle kerney ka baad Govt. mein aiyey gaa tu kuch keray chahtey hein ke Imran Khan power mein aa ker en Journalists (so called philosphers ku power de de...aur en ku kehey ke ub batou mein keya keroun....) bohat begherat hein ye sub analyst/journalists. These are all SHIT HOLES.


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Yeh, Baglol say Babbay Awam ko ghurmrah ker rehay hain, oh lantiyo us nay upnay mulk aur awam kay lia struggle ki aur tum logon nay bank balance banay main......
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