Imran Khan Ki Hakumat kay Halat kis had tak kharab ho chuke hain? Amir Mateen analysis

Wake up Pak

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What a moron did you guys talk about the economy and institutions of ppp and noon?
The government took charge of a bankrupt economy and all the institutions were destroyed. The way these goons plundered the wealth of Pakistan do you expect everything to be honky dory in 15 months? These People are jobless and just creating disappointment and restiveness in the public.
Even though, all the microeconomic indicators showing positive results.
As I said before it will take a good 5 years to see the difference in all the areas.


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1-You guys suffering from stockholm syndrome . you are in love of your predator Shahbaz sharif.
2- Buzdar has 2 files pending that too internal... that kind of efficiency is unheard of in pak.
3- Our biggest problem was money being stolen and being inappropriately allocated under kus mader Shahbaz.. and MC nawaz. ... that has stopped.

4- what you actually saying is that ..this man Buzdar can not make people work and happy who were beneficiary of kuty shoory shahbaz and sooar nawaz.
you a-hole intellectuals of pak you f-ing hear your selves???????????????????
How retarded are you????? and how you are leading simple folks into depression and darkness...
ullo ky pathy..

And my piray pakistani people... read point 3,, when money stop being stolen and start being allocated appropriately... how would you not benefit??? ab garam tawy say g--d utha lo and have some sabar.....Unless you want kanjar Shahbaz sahrif's khota boot up your anuses yet AGAIN..

tang aa gia meen wohi bakwaas sun sun ker.
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