"Imran Khan has compromised his ideology" - Aniq Naji


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ناجی تو ناجی ....انیق ناجی باپ سے بھی بڑا پاجی
ہاں ناں جی؟...... ?
یہ حرافہ عایشہ بخش بھی اپنے مطلب
کے بندے ڈھونڈ لاتی ہے ورنہ انیق ناجی
جیسوں کو کون پوچھتا ہے؟


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Naji needs to follow IK more closely to understand his ideology. IK has said many times that he may compromise for ideology but would never on it. Meaning he may compromise on the methods to achieve his goals but would never give on them. Unfortunately most of our media is at lost to understand the determination of IK and shooting in air.
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