Imran Khan draws world attention towards safety of India’s nuclear arsenals

Dunkin Donut

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the world has no problem with the safety or security of Indian or Israeli Nukes......

on the other hand..................globally there is a threat that Pakistani Nukes might fall in the hand of "our proxies" or just a "rogue general"....and there are ample evidence to solidify this theory



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IK doesnt want nuclear war with millions dead, no Pakistan nor India just dead people and the affects on environment of nuclear explosion could last 50 years.....


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kashmiris are very well , you stop sending terrorists from across border .
Please don't play the blame game , you know what your country doing please solve the Kashmir issue accordingly UNO resolution give them chance what Kashmiris want , this is the UNO resolution.we people want peace and justice in the region and the whole world.wake up your people and support UNO resolution.


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How long he will scarred the Pakistani nation by saying this slogans... Rather than this apni qoam ko bol kay haam Kashmir in kay qabzay saay azad kerwa lien gien by gun....jehad ko ubharoo ....daraoo nahi awam ko... chutiya selected prime minister
Take a few english language lessons.


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Yeah! Modi being a conspicuously foul barbarian hasn't gotten over the 1000 year rule of Muslims and is still brimming with animus. 5 more years to enjoy his circus as we witness him do every silly thing in the book to please a nation of 966 million extremists.
I must dismiss you as a deluded, sour and bitter mass of existential degeneracy spawned from the putrid dregs of jingostan. Off on ignore you go you smelly rat.

I wonder what compels an average indian to come to Pakistani forums and spew the anal rabies they suffer from due to their exposure to extreme unhygienic conditions, physically, mentally, spiritually. In other words all the tangible and intangible ways possible. I must put it down to their extremely low self esteem, fragile ego and a quixotic sense of entitlement.
One can only postulate.

bhai ji aap ne thook ke bagher hi es hindu ki baja dali...
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