Imran Khan begging $22,000,000,000 USD from IMF

Fawad Javed

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okay, so Please tell us exactly what are the things he did wrong and had you been the FM how you would have fixed the economy ?

asking $22 Billion from international donors mean two things for sure:

a) Asad Umar has no clue and no plan to increase Govt's revenue

b) Asad Umar fits the profile of an "economic hitman" assigned to fulfill an agenda in Pakistan

Per news, he has agreed to hand over details of Chinese loans to IMF. If true, just imagine its long term consequences!

Chinese loan data shared with IMF: Umar



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Do you think the poster cares about the truth or Pakistan??

He just needs distractions from Shahbaz Sharifs MULTI BILLION $$$$$'s MONEY LAUNDERING!!!!

This is the drumbeat from social media manager today!!🥳🥳🥳

The News is a junk yard, and you decided to quote that without knowing what it is. They know how to twist a news item, and Mansoor Ali is too stupid to care.

IMF loan is worth between $6-$8 billion. The rest is a "release of previously secured funding from World bank and ADB" which was blocked due to low import capacity and absence of IMF cover. Ishaq Dar secured a $12 billion loan from WB in 2014. Part of that was put on hold by WB during PMLN era due to weak economic indicators.

Govt has to pay back ~$40 billion in the next 5 years. Woh aasman sey nahin utray ga.


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oye nikita baby...kya bakwaas karre hoh
70 saal se katora liya hua hain...nothing is new here
when there is no money...u need to take loans to keep engine running
but seeing that you are sharing mansoor ali khan posts....i know what is your mental level


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Pakistan will only take 6-8 bn from imf. It seems patwari social media guys salaries have got delayed they are making new records of stupidity.

Shahid Abassi

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یہ تو اچھی خبر ہے۔ پاکستان نے ۳ سال میں ۲۷ ارب ڈالر کا قرض واپس کرنا ہے جس میں سے ۴ ارب ڈالر سود اور ۲۳ ارب اصل زر ہے۔ اب اگر یہ حکومت صرف ۲۲ ارب کے نئے لون لے کر ۲۷ ارب کے قرضے ادا کر دے تو یہ شاید پہلی دفعہ ہوگا کہ قرضے بڑھنے کی بجائے کم ہونگے۔
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