IAF tacitly admits Balakot airstrike did not go according to plan


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Initially it was to highlight how Indian IT is to blame for Balakot surgical drama, but I guess ended up as a critique of Indian IT generally.

I worked on a USD 20 million project at a major oil company where they outsourced development to wipro. 3 months after go live wipro were kicked out and phase 2 went to Accenture

I’m not saying the wipro guys are bad human beings or anything, (most of them very nice to me, except thier Indian manager who wanted me off the project the first week he was there, even though i had been designing the system, working on the business case for 14 months before they got there. I hope it wasn’t because I was Pakistani). - but they are not all genius like people may think they are. Maybe your experience is different
Can you provide some details about your technology stack? What kind of projects have you done? Thanks


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I heard that PAF has suit, documents and pistol of the SU30 pilot. When will they release it? Best time would be during election in high population states.
That signifies PAF achievements in last skirmish
PAF should materialize by displaying all the materials confiscated
by the captured Indian Pilot for elections voting for the masses
to know the truth from fabrication of New Dehli lies.
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