How would Maulana Fazl ur Rehman attack Pakistan army like Talibans?


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This fat bastard is threatening Pakistan Army, and you guys are having a problem calling him a traitor.

Arrest and shoot him on the spot drag his body on the streets of pk.
دیکھیں جی ہم نے بھی مولانا کے ساتھ بہت حلوے کھاے ہیں
کسی بھی عالم دین کو غدار کہنا کوئی اچھی بات تھوڑی ہے؟
اب مروت بھی تو کوئی چیز ہے؟….اب اس میں کیا …. 😀


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"How would Maulana Fazal ur Rehman attack Pakistan army like Talibans"?

Maulana Diesel will attack Pak Army only in.....Twitter, Press Conference & in Jalsa.
He is not Mao Zedong or Che Guevara or Mullah Omar.....he is Maulana Diesel, who sells himself for Diesel permit, Kashmir Committee Chairmanship, few million $ or a seat in Parliament or Senate.
So nothing to worry about.....after a long while country is in strong & able hands....just chill.....


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All thieves are cowards at heart. Let Fazle shaitan try and he will see stars during the day. They will go to the Corps commanders officer on their knees to submit a mercy petition. They chose Quetta because they want to support the Indian agenda. But remember they will return from this tanzeem saazi just like Dallal Ch.
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Pffft. Attack Pak Army! Diesel and his army of abused madrassa kids will attack pak army! Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!


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kisi drawing board per janey ki zaroorat naheen hai....Sab Allah per choor dain....yeh sarey choor , corrupt Allah ki pakar main hain...Pakista ko kuch naheen hoga Insha-Allah....Medi itself dragging establishment into politics...what a hypocrisy...opposition is just playing pressurizing tactics...let them play...Institution must do the needful no need to bent down...


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طالبان سے تیرا کیا واسطہ۔۔ڈیزل کے ڈرم۔۔۔تو انکے ہاتھ آیا تو تیری ساری چربی پگھل جائے گی۔۔ وہ پاکستان آرمی کے حمایتی ہیں۔

انکے کارناموں کو اپنے کھاتے میں ڈالنے کی ناکام کوشش کے سوا اور کیا کہیں تیری اس بونگی کو۔۔

باقی، تیرے طلبا کے بڑے کتنے بھی بھولے ہوں، وہ اتنے بھولے بھی نہیں ہونگے کہ تیری حرام کاریوں کے لیئے اپنے بچے قربان کرتے پھریں۔۔​
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