How much money is spent on President House in last 10 months? Rauf Klasra revealed


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Klasra himself a fraud. He is saying last year 2700000 spent more then the alocated budget. He may be giving correct figures but not telling truth. First 9 months of the last year mamboon hussain was there as a president. Remember he is not saying fiscal year he is saying only last year. Another thing he is not giving the details where the money was spent. So he is a complete lier . Just twisting things. Haramkhor
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kab hooga sawal un sab do nambri shafion say unki living beyond means ka question i am getting old and grey waiting :(


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I think this Klasra was dreaming that PTI will make this Aflatoon as President.
But disappointed like Kanra Ch by Nawaz Sharif.
NS once said to Kanra Ch
I know you are 3rd grade Matric failed Judge , I paid enough money for the job you n Kayani did.


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Mehwish hayat ka baap ! Justice Essa ke khilaaf jhota reference bananey wala.
Yeh hai Niazi ka halal president ka kharcha


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The better comparison will be if Klasra would tell us how much money it takes to maintain the President House if no one lived in it.


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It’s hard to believe President Alvi isn’t that stupid. He’s from karachi however, he’s not Mamnoon of PTI for giving him presidency.
I’ll wait for the response from president office.


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For Mushaira when Alvi in person gave clarification
This blackmailer Klasara should apologise.
But Besharam dheet bana Raha.


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Doctor sahab kia judicial council ne faisala sunna dia?
I am saying reference is solid , details of properties are there very well.
I think SJC will favour ESA otherwise Sarey mar Jaingey.
90% Judges n Generals are Corrupt I agree for this part.
Very difficult to find a non corrupt. SJC walley Bhi Corrupt hI Hongey
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