How Important Is Buddhist Pilgrims' Visit To Pakistan?


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India has been so successful in hiding it's ugly face, while at the same time projecting it's soft image to the world.

Now, it's our turn to show the Soft and Tolerant image.


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#1) Look I am a Member of the SGI Bhuddist followers in North America & trust me if Pakistan manages to infiltrate the bhuddist followers across the world to bring in tourist or plain followers? Pakistan will itself single handedly pushed back India's propuganda & including West media against Pakistan dealing with mainly Bhuddist of China, North & south Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia in single action.

#2) This movement should be encouraged at all levels across Pakistan.

#3) Trust me I know what I am talking about, the group I regularly visit there are
9 Indians & 25 mixed nationality followers from Japan to South Korea and already as it is the bhaniyais Indians are anti me in that group so you can imagine how the bhuddist of India's put Pakistan in perspective ???
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