How did ANF arrest Rana SanaUllah, know from his wife Nabeela Sana


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I still don't get why the uproar over 💩 💩 arrest! hamid thoo thoo mir and so many other kanjars are gassing out of their mouths!!

the rabbit hole goes very deep.


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Why the fk would ANF give anyone other than the courts any kind of video of that bastards arrest?


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This Ainkhu bastard interviewing is the greatest sucker on RAW/Modi payroll!

This gay always questions from a specific angle to get some specific replies to serve a specific purpose...


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U people r being used against not only Rana but against Pakistan by selected PM and hand picked Generals.


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And she was there when ANF arrested that bastard. Nawaz ke motey saand ki aik tasveer leak hui thi cheehein suni thi poorey Pakistan ne!
Is haraman ki shakal dekh lo, kitni ghaleez aur makrooh aurat hai. Haram maal kha kha ker sooooor jesi moti hui bethi hai. Inho ne drugs ki waja se logon ko rulaya hai ab in k ronay ka waqt hua chahta hai.
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