Hard Talk with PMLN's Ishaq Dar, Complete Interview.


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A tight and resounding slap on the ugly face of Paki media jokers who are illiterate and corrupt to the core.Instead of asking genuine questions like:
Who the hell is Ganja to discuss Politics despite being a convicted criminal?
or Who has given Ganjas and Zardaris the right to govern over us just because they are Bhuttos or Sharifs?
Instead of that they are busy glorifying convicted criminals discussing whether the government is going to be toppled or not and whether Asifa is a good leader or Bilo or Bhagauri???
To hell with you all you Klasras and Mirs and Abbasis!Go to hell!!


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Follow up questions had a lot to be desired.
Host appeared to be ill prepared...

One obvious question on Panama Papers should have been,
Where are the Receipts???
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My question is:

WHY would BBC give an airtime to him?
WHY is he so important for BBC to even place him on that chair?

BBC runs agenda-specific programs not just random shows.

I may well be overthinking here...but curious to hear what other folks have to say.


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Yai kutti ka bacha begairatooo Ki tarah interview dainay chala gya...
Yai begairat saray heera mandi Ki padaish han


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Lie perishes when it faces truth...lie is bound to get perished....the PML-N and PPP are nothing but criminal corrupt political mafia...return our looted money and fulfill your terms in prison...Pakistan and Pakistani's have moved on, you people...you and your children has no place in our politics...Imran khan is Allah blessing to the people of Pakistan, mafias are attacking him from all fronts...may Allah help, bless and guide him


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Establishment is behind this interview. Why does Army always play its role in embarrassing these politicians. our politicians are so great and morally upright as is evident from these jalsas. Vote to izzat do and ghareebo ki izzat lo
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