Hamza Ali Abbasi's Exclusive Interview To Siasat.pk


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Hamza ali abbasi shares his reasons why is he supporting the Sit-ins and why he comes here often. What his plans regarding coming in politics practically are. What he thinks about Imran Khan and what he has observed living around Imran Khan in these days. What he thinks about the team around him. And he shared an eye witnessed story about Imran Khan inside the container.

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We should search our HERO in our surrounding and not in the other Galaxies.<br>Ali Abbasi is one of the example.As I always requested that we should interview the real people.<br>Who can be the more real here on Siasat.pk other than our members and visitors of this page.<br>Siasat.pk is the most powerful and with full of information about the real politics of Pakistan.<br><br>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; ------------------Spartacus of Siasat.pk --------------------


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بہت خوب حمزہ علی عباسی
ّعمران خان اور پی ٹی آئی کا بہترین تجزیہ
اللہ کرے کے لوگوں کو اس کی سمجھ آئے


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Some one called "khaaki " asked who is this man?
to be very frank ,I don't know either and perhaps I don't need to know too.
All I strive to do is tell the truth,be selfless or kill my "ME" ,be fearless and be a just person.
now I feel very weightless and a free sprit.
I don't have any matrial desires to be mega rich as I feel richer my inside by reading more,what I have I am very much thankful to my creator and if I have any excess I share it with others.
like to do more for PTI so we can create A NEW PAKISTAN.
look at that father who lost his son in Multan Jalsa and Imran gave a cheque ,heart broken father returned it to Shokat Khanum Hospital.
Imran has made impect on people's hearts and mind,they are becoming selfless.
new dawn of Pakistan is not very far now ,INSHALLAH .Bless you all.


لو جی خمزہ علی عباسی حجت ہو گئی ہے اس قوم کیلئے
پاکستان تجھ پر افسوس ہے جیسا منہ ویسی چپیڑ
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