Hamid Mir is itching to go to jail in utter desperation as IK has saved the country from a certain bankruptcy!!!


Minister (2k+ posts)
I believe infact now im sure, hamid mir got confirmation from Jew/Gand group tht they can't afford so if he want to go back to GNN or PNN or Pawn or Din or whatever save ur job and ass as this mouthpiece of spitting venom by external forces by the name of Geo is about to shutdown for good!!!!


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We need to add some more bullets in his enormous rectum, the so called fake bullets he claims to have logged in ass are not beeping.

Jew O RAW O CIA O NEWS BAN coming soon. State of Pakistan is on the move.


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اس کراۓ کے ٹٹو کو بہت بڑی غلط فہمی ہے کہ اس کو را یا سی ایئ اے بچا لے گی.
وہ لوگ تو اپنے پیو کے سکے نہیں ہیں اس کو پونچھے ہوے ٹشو کی طرح پھینک دیں گے.



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Geo is the media mouth piece of the mafia and this is the chance to destroy them. Let their sponsors pay for their tax and if they can't, let's liquidise them.


ohh my sweety desan

kabhi 2 ghari pyar se bhi baat kar liya karoo
پیار سے بات کرنے کے لیے تیری بڈھی گاف پر تھوک لگانا پڑے گا، ورنہ بنا تھوک کے تیری بڈھی گاف پر بہت زور دار خراشیں آ جائیں گی

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