Hafiz Hamdullah refuses to say 'Ameen' as Shehryar Afrid's curses the "People who looted the country"


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This Hafiz Hamdullah is a vile and evil looking character.He preaches violence .People like him should never be allowed to get into any government position.


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Hamdullah nay apnay Ameer Malouna Fazal AlShaitaan per Laanat bhaijnay say ijtinaab kia kay Shaitaan TOE HAI HI MUJASIM L A A N A T.


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کبھی اپنے آپ پر بھی کوئی لعنت بھیجتا ہے
This means now punishment of corruption is just a Laanat? Why we have a government if not ready to bring corrupts to the courts? In the past six years did PTI prosecuted one case of corruption successfully?
Shehryar Afridi is government not opposition. Very sadly. PTI failed miserabily and its not because of inefficient ministers rather the person who selected them and that person is PMIK.
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