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I feel GREAT KHAN has done a lot and achieved a lot during his last 2+ years-but possibly the Team has failed to professioanlly project their achiements in an organised and effective manner. They DEFINATELY need a professioal media and advertiseent team. In the mean time I will help by listing the things which have come to the front in the last week ALONE- under the KHAN's Leadership:

1) Today Agri Dash-Board has been initiated. It will help in monitoring food prices and demands
2) Kh Asif- the THUG arrested
3) Anti state NGO- to be reviewed
4) Kashmir / Indian atrocities to be projected globally with ref to DISINFO LAB
5} Joint Pak-China Military drill culminated
6) New Surface-to-air missile and JF17 Block 3 introduced

7} Case to be filed against JUIF Kifayatullah
8) CriminaL NS passpport to be cancelled

9) New Police recruits told to RESPECT the poor
10) Ministers made to SIGN Code of Conduct or whatever its called

11) Ministers directed to assure POOR are helped in all sorts of ways. To assure No one goes hungry to Bed

The above is just what I remember off my memory. There must be others as well. The Khan does not rest and I think his team is feeling the heat. Only the tough will survive or keep up with him.



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Khan r using all his energies to destroy this country,he destroyed political stability,economy,education,sports and justice system.Unemplyment is the highest,40 million people under the poverty line tell how bad Khan proved for Pakistan.


MPA (400+ posts)
Ehsanulla Ehsan escpaed and has failed to catch him.
Uzair Baloch - No progress on his case.
Rana Sanaullah - A lie and a fabrictaed case filed against him. No one punished or reprimanded for not providing evidence.
Dr Asim - Rangers allowed him to leave Pak. No one answerable for that.
MQM - Badnam-e-zamana mafia, criminals and muderers are with IK in his coliation.

IK is a palto kutta of establishment and contested elections to get another acheivement against his name. Thats all.


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"Inko rulaon ga main inko takleef pahonchay ga"....(about Nawaz, Zardari & corrupt politicians)
"Ye sab ekattha ho jayega" (about Zardari, Nawaz, Dieselo, Achakzai & others....2 & half years before the formation of PDM)
"We will overcome the crisis by end of 2020, despite Covid-19" ( Pakistan's economy to grow 1.5-2.5 per cent in current fiscal: Financial Times Report, 19 December, 2020)
"None of the MNA & MPAs of PDM will resign.....It Takes 10 to 15 Crore rupees to run an election, are they mad or foolish to resign at the instruction of Maryam & Diesel"?
"PDM will die & there will be no long march"....

Wow what an accurate predictions...
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