Good News for Pakistan economy or Bad News? Know from Economist Muzzammil Aslam


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It was a very balanced opinion, I don't know which part you had issue with. BTW you used to be good poster writing this crap without any content is senseless. If you have nothing to add it's better to be silent
No, he has gone down the well worn path by Modi/Modi trolls where they pretend to be on your side and then change sides to make them look like people who are disappointed with IK but in reality they were paid trolls all along but just playing a longer game


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He is right....this gov of idiots has brought the middle class on the verge of extinction. Right now the government is injecting 150 million dollars a month to support the currency whereas earlier they used to critisize the previous government for doing it. Issay kehte hen laato k bhoot.....they are doing exactly the same thing the previous government did because they got a shock of their life by twice devaluing the national currency....

IK : Pakistan woh mulk banega jahan log bahir se naukrian dhoondne aengey....
Reality: Pakistan sinding 100,000 workers to qatar because they have no jobs in Naya Pakistan despite promising 10 million jobs in the manifesto. 10 Million jobs to bani nahi to 100,000 logon ko bahir bhej hai ullu k pathey


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January was good for Imports/exports and also for remittances from overseas. If that trend continues we will be in a good economic situation.
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