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Yaar waisay fiteh mou Nadeem Afzal Chan ka. Even back in the day I always said shaukat basra and afzal chan are misfits in PPP because they look honest and don't seem corrupt and no one was more than happy then me when both joined PTI. Lekin this manhoos afzal chan once again joined billo khusri! Lakh di laanat!
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Yar ye sab andar se kuch aur bahir se kuch hain.Munafiq hain..Chan jesay Munafiq bando ki zahri bato mat jayain..


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No confidence motion waali baat is ko pahley pata chal gai thi isi liaey ye no conbfidence motion assembly mein aaney se pahley chhalaang laga kar PPP mein chala gia
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