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So I was visiting Karachi from Lahore with my family to attend the wedding of my relative and opted to go for this guest house (La Farine) in Gulshan since it was near the house of my relative. It wasn't my first experience in any guest house but after this time, I have decided to stay at a hotel rather than these unregulated unreliable option of guest-houses.

So my three-day stay was pathetic with problems such as Air-conditioner not working at night. Excuse given: phase not coming. However, the cousin's house was just six bungalows away and they didn't have this phase problem. When asked for an extra towel, they refused! No security wasn't found except for their in-house CCTV cameras, yet we risked ourselves since we already arrived in late moments.

The worst part was, being overpriced in first hand, when we got the bill at the time of check-out, they charged a hefty amount of Rs. 250/- per dress for pressing clothes, saying they have imported a steam-press which they claimed was in another guest-house when we asked them to show us. When asked for reduction in prices, they also threatened to keep our luggage as we left our stuff and went to our cousins. :angry_smile:

I chose to post this here since there is no local tour guide where I can post such stuff and not going for international forums because it will damage the reputation of our country. It was a mistake by our side too since later we came to know it's being run by the sons of late "Niaz" who is famous in his areas for his fraudulent practices and not giving back money he borrowed from people (our cousins informed us). I request the concerned authorities (if any) to please take action against such places and there should be some kind regulations for these kind of places. I also request the media to expose such guest-houses where illegal activities take place. Or kindly someone reply with a comment where I could complain about them, except for the police which is useless.

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آپ کراچی کی بات کرتے ھو پورے ملک میں ایک سے بڑھکر ایک چور موجود ھے
جس ملک کا وزیرِاعظم ہی چور ھو وہاں دوسروں سے کیا گلہ۔
لیکن آپکو اپنے کزن کے مشورے سے اکموڈیشن کا انتخاب کرنا چاہئے تھا۔۔
اور ہر نئی سروس کے استعمال سے پہلے اسکے بارے میں جان لینا بہتر ھوتا ھے۔۔
پولیس کے علاوہ تو اور کوئی ایسا ادارہ نہیں جدھر شنوائی ھو۔۔
پولیس سے وہ بھی سندھ اور پنجاب سے کمپلین یا انصاف کی امید رکھنا بیکار ھے۔۔



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I also booked rooms in Lafarine Residence recently and paid the price. They are fraudulent people. Lady told me that mineral water will be served @Rs. 60/- , tea @ Rs 50/-, breakfast @ Rs 250/- and meal @ Rs 350/- .
But they charged mineral water @Rs. 120/- , tea @ Rs 120/-, breakfast @ Rs 350/- and meal @ Rs 350/- .
They have documented all sop in their favor but nothing for favor of customers. No rate list has been mentioned.
When I ask her to swear about her quoted rates at the time of booking she refused. My mistake was that I believed on her verbal statement and did not documented.
When I reminded her that you quoted Rs 60 for mineral water the she explained it's for small bottle.
After lot of shouts the gang gathered and one gangster came introduced that he is retired SSP.
They are in relation with Army Brigd and police or rangers cannot influence them.
My guests also came out of their rooms and to avoid further embaracement I paid the bill and left Criminal's guest house B - 70 Gulishan E Iqbal, Karachi.
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