Former Israeli PM Thinks Upcoming Govt Will Improve Ties With Pakistan & Palestine


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Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert believes that his successor Benjamin Netanyahu’s political career has come to an end. He made these remarks while exclusively speaking with the Turkish state-owned website, TRT World, on Thursday.

While commenting on Netanyahu’s failure in forming a government after two inconclusive elections, Olmert said he would be finished.
He will be indicted, and Netanyahu is finished. His service as prime minister has come to an end.
Better Relations with Palestine

Former Israeli PM believes that the next government, which according to him, will be minus-Netanyahu, will be ‘less provocative’ and more severe towards normalizing ties with Palestine.

He said that if President Benny Gantz, a fierce rival of Nethanyahu, forms the government after third elections, he will make headways in bettering Israel’s regional position.
The policy of Israel will not be provocative, and there will perhaps be more meaningful contacts with the Palestinians.
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Olmert served as the Israeli Prime Minister from 2006 to 2009.About Peace Settlement
Olmert criticized Trump-administration ‘hastily’ moves to recognize Jerusalem and Golan Heights as Israeli territories, saying that it was a mistake that only added fuel to the fire.

He admitted that the new Israeli government will have to work harder for a peace settlement with Palestine as things had worsened due to these measures.

An Independent Palestinian State
Ehud believed that ِIsrael will continue to face hostilities from countries like Iran, Pakistan, and Malaysia until or unless there is a peace settlement in the region.

“We don’t want to be living in one state with a majority of Palestinians. The only way to avoid it is to separate. The only way to separate is to allow the Palestinians to create their independent state,” Olmert said.

About Pakistan-Israel Ties

He continued to support the peace talks with Palestine, saying that it was the only solution to have better ties with Pakistan and Iran.

“Pakistan is a country with great potential,” Olmert said. “We already have some informal contact. We used to have in the past – I can say from a certain degree of knowledge. And I think that we should continue.”

Since Israel has no direct conflict with Pakistan, so why shouldn’t the two countries have good relations? He questioned.

Answering a question related to non-recognition of Israel from several Muslim countries, he said, a successful peace deal with Palestine will help to mend ties with all Muslim states.

About Ehud Olmert

Ehud is a former Israeli premier and Jerusalem mayor. He remained the head of state from 2006 to 2009. During his short but eventful premiership, he led military campaigns against Hamas and Hezbollah, made progress negotiating with Palestine, and introduced pro-active foreign diplomacy, which helped the country make strides on the global front. He stepped down facing corruption charges but was acquitted by the court.

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We have ongoing conflicts with India, but still have relations with them.
indeed one sided relations. they don't even give a damn. relations demands respect from the other side as well which doesn't go well with a zionist or an RSS extremist state. Hamare buzdil leader aik taqreer kr ke khud hi wah wah krtain hain. kaisi qismat pae hai is mulk ne ?
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