First time in one and half year PM Imran Khan takes 2 days off


Prime Minister (20k+ posts)
lets see if he resigns after two day consultation with Bushra Bibi's Jinnat ?

Lekin tum jaison mein kahan hoti hay?
To the contrary, don't be surprised if he comes back stronger and more resolved than ever.


Prime Minister (20k+ posts)
It's calling contrasting but English is not a language you are familiar with so it's forgivable!
Well actually contrast and compare are not that far different ? In contrast you are looking for things which are opposite in between two or more things, whereas in opposite you look for things which are similar....Ab is mein kia


MPA (400+ posts)
he lost the match but abhi series khatam nai hui... election announce karo aur 2/3 say wapis akar inki mc bc karo
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