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so Fazlu is leading the opposition -under the pretext of " islam khatray main hai" but- with radical "anti-state ideology". He has not won his seat but has the cheeeek to defy State writ and challanges the Army. His followers may not know what is islam and human rights but will follow him without thinking - becuase its an "islamic " cause!!

we are dealing with a uneducated cult (with beards) who is willing to cause destruction in order to avchieve their "objective"!!

Is it right to involve madrassa students in order to cause anarchy?

I say READ THE RIGHTS AND RULES TO HIS CULT AND THEN DEAL WITH THEM IN A STRICT MANNER.He needs to understand the might of the Government and take it seriously. He has had many chances in the past but keeps popping his head up!
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فضلو کوئی دینی رہنما نہیں ہے . یہ آدمی ایک انتہائی گھٹیا انسان ہے جو مذھب کی آڑ میں دولت کا چور ہے . لعنت اس کا مقدر ہے


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