Fazlu is purely Political-must be dealt by same token!


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Fazula G...u has come a long way. There could have been confusion before amongst the uneducated massess about the nature of his party i.e. Religious or Political- but now with JUI Leadership breaking up, List of NAB cases against him and his family and Government warning him not to include Madrassa children in his politics it is clear that Fazlu G is NO longer worthy of being addressed as a Maulana OR being extended the courtesy of a "religious" party. It is time that Fazlu Gu should be dealt as a political faction -and that also a rogue one.

The Governement now must DEAL with him in a strict manner and his workers must taste the "danda" if they step out of line. He is a bully-and they only understand language of force

Fazlu Gu & his workers need to learn how to respect democarcy & women. His workers need education lead by Punjab Police,, backed by the Establishment


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tamam 2 number molvis ko D-chowk mein pansi do. molvi ko politics se bahir karo.. molvi ki blackmailing ko lagam do.. jo state ko threat kare Os ko ora do.. pir is mulk ko agey barney mein koyi nahi rok sakta..


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Pakistan has a sorry history of being lenient to rogues and charlatans and this is the main reason we in such a sorry state. In the past crooks like Ghaffar Khan and his family were pampered. Ghaffaria was even then an open agent of India and was elemental in putting forward the dead dispute of Durand line when he was enjoying the hospitality of the then Afghan Govt. His progeny are now billionaires. Assfindyar has a palatial hotel in Indonesia and many real estate properties. Now Uccakazai tulli has risen with a shiny pumpkin of a head and is openly threatening everyone. Fazlu Shaitani dieseli also stands exposed. A very sad mention is of Nawab Akbar Bugti, a patriot and honorable man. He was instrumental in the purchase of Gawadar from Oman. Parvez mushy treated him in a very ugly and dishonorable manner. All Pakistan must apologize for this travesty of justice. Now that the 'Broadsheet' scandal is out we will come to know how Mushy saved crooks like Sherpao and Chaudries of Gujrat to save his own skin. Punjab the land of five rivers and millions of intrigues is still in favor of the haramkhor Ganjas and the land mafia. It is divine justice that they have got what they deserve, the Police of Punjab treats Punjabis like scum but the land of Ranjit Singh has yet to produce a son who can raise a voice for the people.
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