Fayaz Ul Hassan Chohan exposed Talal Chaudhry | Doodh ka Doodh aur Pani ka


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All the wrongs should be dealt with by the appropriate departments. No point scoring is necessary by any party. Everyone should perform their own duties for the betterment of the nation.
Please dont fool the public by betraying the the public in making them believe you're the best.
Educate the public with best practices and let them be their own judge.


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Altaf Hussain Part-2 Nawaz Sharif.
Mian Jalil Ahmad Sharqpuri sahib congratulations on voicing your dissent. It must have been a difficult decision. We appreciate it.


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Very poignant legal point by Fayaz, that any dissent from Nawaz Sharif's statements can not be considered a cause for legal actions!! Hmm.
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