False news spread on Asia Bibi leaving Pakistan - Fawad Chaudhry Media Talk Islamabad 8th Nov 2018

Sab Jamal

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what a spineless character of this govt. when asked if they will put the lantis name on the ecl they say NO WAY govt will not do it. when they are asked if she has left the country official after official all day has repeatedly said she has not left. what is your problem? if she is not on ecl isn't she free to leave? why then are you so worried that the news that she has left scaring you to death? why don't you tell people that the lantis name is not on ecl she is free to leave, govt has nothing to do with it.

Na Cheez

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Gutter Journalism? This is the reason Pakistani Media have lost its credibility so rapidly and people have turned to social media.No one takes the mainstream media serious now.By the way,one should treat the media as Donald Trump treats it.