Exclusive from Sialkot - NA 110 Khwaja Asif's constituency - Rigging or No Rigging?


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The Media Production Team of Siasat.pk went to Sialkot to specially explore the constituency NA 110 to examine the claims of PTI of election rigging. The mentioned constituency is of the sitting defense and power minister Khawaja Asif and is among those 4 controversial constituencies which PTI has alleged for rigging and demanded the recounting through thumb impressions. We had a mixed reaction from the public of Sialkot. Here is what they had to say.


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"We should get rid of Sharif and Zaradi family as soon as possible , they already waste last 7 years of Pak and we should allow them to waste next 4 years.
Bengladesh made double its power generation in last 7 yeas,-
Pak is in quite big problem due to miss governance and and ranked as top in corruption in world.

India start new generation of 100000 MW in last 7 years

I/2 of totaled 512.9 terawatt-hours.german total power capacity moved from nuclear to renewable in last 7 years

Pak already waste last 7 years due to sharif and zardari family , really guys if we gave them 4 years more it is total waste of Pakistan. try to get rid of them as soon as possible..

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meray ap sai guzarish hai ke iss forum sai 1-2 patwari bhi saath lay gayian takh ye bhi mutmin ho gayian


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Excellent effort of Siasat.pk must be appreciated (clap)

Fair and balance, !00 times better than the sold media of Pakistan.
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ہا ہا ہا ... 13:00 منٹ پر پٹواری کی لوجک دیکھو کہ ملک میں دہشت گردی اور لڑائی جھگڑے کی وجہ سے نون لیگ چار حلقے نہیں کھلوا رہی




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ہا ہا ہا ... 13:00 منٹ پر پٹواری کی لوجک دیکھو کہ ملک میں دہشت گردی اور لڑائی جھگڑے کی وجہ سے نون لیگ چار حلقے نہیں کھلوا رہی


صرف چیک کرنے کے لیے کھولنا بند ہے باقی رردوبدل اور مزید وؤٹ ڈالنے کے لیے کُھولنا ٹھیک ہے۔

پٹواری پاکستان پہداعش (آئی ایس آئی ایس) کیطرح ایک عذاب نازل ہوا ہے۔ جو بُہت جلد اپنی انجام کو پہنچنے والا ہے۔
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Very Good effort by Siasat.pk, It is realy clear now the Elections were rigged - there was fight between Ch.Nisar and Khawaja Asif to open up HALQAS.Ch Nisar said we should opened while KHAWAJA SIRAS saying Ch Sb open yr HALQA - you win by very low margin - we won big margin.It is FRAUD league ------Shame on them.


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What at @4:40 person adding the word Alhumdolillah after rigging?
Unsuitable and strange to thanking a wrong doing.
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