Ex-Sindh Govt official challanges Bilawal Zardari on the corruption of his ministers


Minister (2k+ posts)
Ab koi nai bhonkaye ga k Bilawal should resign! Hamari awaam ko looto they won't blame you for it, but if someone does your character assassination then they will definitely blame you for it!

Just like Modi fooled India with Nationalism our Politicians have fooled our public with character assassinations! Objective of both is the same! Don't let them question their rights and your responsibilities!


Prime Minister (20k+ posts)
Yeh Nasir Shah bhi ho sakta hai k....r aur mirassi meter Shah ki trah bharva aur k...r ho aur jaali khood sakhta syed bnaa ho jaisay yeh hram khor bharva Meter hah k...r bnaa huwa hai 2 takkay kaa k...r aur bharva Meter Shah mirassi hram khori aur Nawaz Sharif Butt ki dalla geeri krr ke Arab ptti bnn chukka hai iss hram zaday beghrt ko ultaa tango apnay monh saay apni h...mi pnn aur hram zadgion aur kalaay kartooton kaa khood bhonkay Meter Shah k...r


Senator (1k+ posts)
Come on don't give a damn to what this Hijra says.
Billo Rani became Chairman through his mother's will, Accidently.
This Accidental Chairman never did anything for his own living.
He lives on his father's looted money & what he says is not his own version rather a scripted one, prepared by patwaris.
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