ECP nullifies results of PK-23 Shangla, orders re polling

This is according to rule.No targeting here.And, What would anyone will get by targeting pti in kpk where they will have over 80 members out of 120?....Stop with idiotic conspiracy theories.
Sardar sb issued winning notification of PMLN candidate from NA seat that sits above Shaukat Yousafzai’s provincial seat. In that NA seat, women polled less than 10%. Can u tell me why PMLN has been given this seat? Had re-poll ordered in that seat, PMLN would have reduced to 63.


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This is ridiculous. What about the expenses borne and the time wasted of the poor guy who won? Who will compensate him. It was not his fault if women did not come out. He cannot drag them to the polling station. The decision should be revoked and the clause removed.