Dr Fiza Akbar Khan harsh criticism on paid journalists

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Yeh PPP aur PMLN walay bohat zalim hein, Rana Sana, Shahbaz Shaitan jesay Qatil aur bezameer log hein, yeh harkatein yeh log khud kerwa rahay hein. Allah inn ko gharat karey, sirf dushmani mein yeh khabees log insani jaan say khail rahey hein aur mulk ko croron ka nuqsan pohancha rahay hein.

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Wahi purana rundi rona
Abb kia sheefa talli 9 maheenay say aitakkaaf may baita tha kia
Woh to corruption may busy nahi tha
Woh theej karwa deta.
Grow up n change ur excuses please


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Saad Rafiq & other PMLN ministers never thought of public services in their life their only target was to accumulate as much wealth as possible in 5 years of mandated period. For them, politics was a profession of quick money earning.
But IK is increasingly making politics very difficult for dishonest & corrupt people like Saad Rafiq.
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I agree with sister Fiza Akbar 100%. So-called and sold journalists
had a share in looting Pakistan by taking money in the form of ads from
past rulers.


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