Dr Fardoos Awan & the insolent Assistant Commissioner


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After listening to the videos and reading various reports, I have come to the conclusion that it was a clear case of insubordination and insolence shown by the assistant commissioner, Sonia Sadaf towards Punjab Information Minister, Dr Fardoos Awan and that calls for her instant dismissal from her post.

Insubordination and insolence lead to indiscipline, incorporation, disobedience, sluggishness, and incompetence in an organization and that must never be tolerated by the management. It is up to the government to dismiss her forthwith or issue her with a written final warning that no further insubordination from her will be tolerated and will result in her dismissal on the spot.

Every member of the parliament, civil servant, bureaucrat, judge, and minister of the state, prime minister, and president of the country is paid his/her salary by the taxpayers of Pakistan with an obligation to perform their duties with utmost honesty, sincerity, dedication and without showing any favoritism, nepotism, prejudice, and discrimination on the grounds of their political affiliation, religious, provincial, linguistic and bias. and Miss Sonia Sadaf showed a lack of respect for her superior. She was seen sitting in her car with the air conditioning running when the minister was walking around the market doing her duties.

The failure to perform duties by an employee diligently, effectively, and efficiently despite previous verbal and written warnings justifies his/her dismissal from the post. There is no industrial tribunal in the world that would overrule the employer's right to dismiss the employee on these grounds. DrFardoos Awan was totally justified in reprimanding Miss Sonia Sadaf for not attending to her duties whilst she was going around the market to in the intense heat of the day communication with the customers and she was sitting in the comfort of her car with the air conditioning on. I honestly believe that Miss Sadaf demonstrated irresponsibility and sluggishness knowing very well that the Information Minister of Punjab was walking around the market talking with the people and her attendance along with the minister was required. The way the Assistant Commissioner, Sonia Sadaf walked away when the minister was speaking to her was a reflection of her disobedience and insolence.

I remember as a young man I was advised by a highly experienced and able elderly professional person to always walk one step behind your boss if you wished to succeed in your career and that was the principle I expected from my staff.





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کپتان کی ٹیم نے پنجاب بھر میں رام گلی کے دلوں کے لگائے ہوئے خراب اے سی کی مرّمت ،اور ٹیونگ کا کام ارزاں نرخوں پر شروع کر دیا ہے
اعلان ختم ہؤا ۔ ۔ ۔ ۔
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So far PTI is unable to handle Punjabi beaurocracy. They don't take interest in law and order and controlling inflation and then blame goes on PTI Govt!
You will never be able to handle any bureaucracy, Punjabi or otherwise, if you have the dumbest Chief Executive like Buzdar. If you make Buzdar CM for another five years, he wouldn’t be able to understand bureaucracy nor he will be able to think about any reform. Reason is that most of his brain cells are either dead or damaged. A person who can’t understand minutes of meeting ( MoM) and can’t ask relevant questions during meetings with top bureaucracy can’t govern well as Chief Executive. Perhaps, you should first make him CEO of Shaukat Khanum Hospital. If he performs well there, then he can manage a big province like Punjab.
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