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I have come a long way (age) and witnessed /experienced the process of global Evolution- political, environmentally. I have also witnessed world events unfold. I have also come across lots of so-called clever people of Pakistan. The conclusion-the pathetic state of current Pk is due to these indigenous clever people who have been primarily responsible for Looting & Raping it (taking advantage) without contributing to its long-term prosperity.At the core of the problem is Greed and Dishonesty. The ones who are pretending to help it or represent it as its bright stars are actually SELFISH beneficiaries of its fruits-they are just Regurgitating after eating to their hearts & stomach content!!

The ONLY people who made any difference or helped it were the Hardworking, honest class (farmers, labourers, teachers, etc). Nature in its wisdom, ensures a limited life span to balance their pain. Crazy. Anyone who has made (rich) it today -is bound to have a dodgy background infrastructure (Army general, Waderas, unethical doctors, mega businessman, property tycoons, dedicated politician etc).

IMRAN KHAN- HAS Actually contributed, through PURE hard-work ( just like the labourers). He has shown the same attributes which HAVE made the differeence to the life of common man. There is PROOF to see.

KHAN is trying to balance many things but having extreme hardship as the so-called clever people (Politicians, Bureaucrats) have left NOTHING for him to spend or work with.

I now notice a new generation of young critiques (on media) trying to present the current political state/ human rights in a rational and objective way but FORGETTING/IGNORING to look at the history. They are termed credible by certain agencies who are actually the demons responsible for the world plight.

Notice the ever-increasing size/population of third world and how it is degrading fast, because of the actions of these clever people. Just don’t be fooled by these opportunists
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