Dollar suddenly increasing, Was it part of some 'Extrenal Agency' to give support to APC? Dr Moeed Pirzada


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Keht ur rijaal.

The government doesnt have any expertise , they are not corrupt but definitely are incompetent.

Yaa to hamein chore miltay hen yaa phir bongay. Pakistan ka Allah hee hafiz.


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during 10 months of this government , the dollar has increased from 124 to 163.

Rupee has depreciated 31 percent in such small time.

The negative effects on economy and life of common people are too many to ignore.


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I know its difficult time for Pakistan and public. But one thing I am confident that my PM and his finance team are not corrupt. Whatever they will collect (looted money and tax) will be spent on Pakistan. Once we increase our exports and people start paying taxes, these temporary down time will be over soon.
Those who are criticizing the govt, please pay taxes first and be patient.


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sorry disagree with you

Industry has been destroyed in last 10 years. there is nothing left in economy.

They didn't increase any tax only $$ increment it out of senses to me. that too much variation. 130-140 will be ok.

for Industry revival it will take time. please try to understad

there are lot of Imports we can stopped and start manufacturing within Pakistan.
The government is doing exactly opposite whats required to revive the economy, political unrest, harassment of the business community, more taxes, higher interest rate.


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Freaking Dollar will definitely reached more than 185 rupee by the end of this year . There is nothing Bongi khan can do except scratch his ass , which he has done for the last 11 months .
10 years of hardwork by corrupt PPP and PML-N is paying off. I have faith in IK and his abilities to get us through this In sha Allah. Hum saber karain gay roonay valay roain gay.
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