Does anyone else having these issues as well?


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It seems I can't edit my account details. Please see the screenshot below. Could someone confirm if I'm the only one with this issue or other people can't edit their accounts either. Please see the screenshot below.


There is only 1

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Change your email and you will be able to edit a few more details until you confirm your new email.
It is bad programming by coder, and admin have no clue about it.


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I guess it would be more appropriate to get the problem fixed by the forum mods rather than changing my e-mail address.


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I'm still not allowed to make any changes in my account. I reapeatedly requested to delete my personal data(if I'm not allowed to change it) but my request went to deaf ears. Not a very good response and very non-professional behavior.
As this doesn't make me happy, I'm soon gonna review's privacy policy, what information collects about it's users and how it's used as an aid to target you with personalized ads and so on in the form of a video. I will explain how one can block's ads and stay away from personalized profile building and so on. Stay tuned.


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I've been having a problem recently: I can't see all the posts in some of the threads. A thread might have five replies listed but I can only see two or three, for example. What might be the cause of this?
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